Collecting 27 GJ 43 : 7th/8th July 2012

ImageSome time ago, a friend of mine on the Help for Heroes 4×4 European Rally scene started making comments that I should get out of my Jap thingy and buy his SIII LT/WT.

Being a Mitsubishi owner for many years, this was taken in the true spirit of the light hearted banter of Jap vs LR on more than one forum and club meet etc… and generally given the “yea, yea, right, I can’t even bring myself to say L…La…Lan…Land…Landr… green oval, let alone be seen driving or owning one” ha ha !!!!

To be fair, I had said, a couple of years ago, that if I were to own a L…La…Lan…Land…Landr… green oval, it would have to be something unusual and historic.  Hence the “You need to buy my LT/WT” banter.

A couple of months before, the 2012 H4H Rally, and feeling the need for yet another project, I sent him a message: “Come on then, what’s the story to the LT/WT and how much do you want for it”  A couple of days later, we spoke at length on the ‘phone and the deal was done; I had aquired an FFR LT/WT without even seing it!

I now had to admit to becoming a La…La…Lan…Land…Landr… Land Rover owner (see … I can say the words now).

Just prior to the rally, we had arranged for me to travel down to his place on the south coast to collect it when we got back from the rally.  So on Saturday 7th July, my 13 year old son, James, and I set out from home for the 250 odd mile trip southwards in the L200 with trailer in tow.

The afternoon of the Saturday was spent sorting out flat batteries and a stuck clutch.  Once sorted, we had a bit of fun driving up and down the private lane where he lives and eventually (after running out of fuel) loading it onto the trailer ready for the trip back home on Sunday.

The litle truck was found to be in great condition, testament that his description of it was pretty accurate, and, being a good friend I trusted, was the reason for “doing the deal” without even seeing it.

That Saturday evening was spent in the company of a few other friends from the H4H Rally teams over a fantastic meal washed down by a few pints and lots of banter about me becoming a Land Rover owner at last.  Comments like moving over to the Dark (Green) Side, amongst others.

Sunday was started off with an early breakfast and a drive to around halfway home to some friends who were into all things LR, in particular, one who owns a 101. After spending the afternoon rambling on a bit, we set off home.  Eventually parking the LT/WT on the drive at 9pm.

A couple pics of 27 GJ 43 the day we collected it (7th july 2012):

James trying 27 GJ 43 out for size !!

James trying 27 GJ 43 out for size !!

Young James (13) trying 27 GJ 43 out for size.  He didn’t stop smiling and coming up with ideas and jobs to do all afternoon !!

Final test drive before loading up.

27 GJ 43’s civilian reg is ODD 140P, which has now become known as ODD 1 OAP to some of my less friendly friends  😳  – I hasten to add, I’m NOT an OAP ……. yet.

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