Rear tub floor removed.

Having stripped everything out of the rear tub, I was looking around for either a replacement floor, or something suitable to repair/replace it with.  The first option was a sheet of thin aluminium chequer plate and, for now, just to cover the mess up.  But reading some forum topics about other folks restorations I spotted a post in one that suggested that a company in Scarborough who make reproduction Series panels was after a floor out of a Lightweight to copy.

Having been involved in classic car restoration for many years, I know how difficult and frustrating it can be to source good reproduction parts when originals aren’t available, so I decided this was my oppotunity to get a new floor and help others in the same situation.

So, the floor was stripped out today (how many rivets ?!?!?!) and wrapped up ready to send to them.

Some of the rivets drilled out

More rivets !!

Look, no floor

The offending floor panel.

Time to get on with some work.


  1. Philip grundy · · Reply

    Hi just rebuilding my lightweight just put a new floor in mine I need the strips for the floor do you know where I can get a set.
    My reg number is 43GF27
    Thanks phil.

    1. Hi Phil,
      Many thanks for the message. Unfortunatley not found any and not really ready for any for mine at the moment, but, I should be able to find out the original part number, and I’m sort of hoping that either standard series or early 90 are the same.

      1. Philip Grundy · · Reply

        Hi nick thanks for that.
        All the best phil.

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