Brakes – been a bit of a trial.

It’s been a while since I stripped the front off side wheel hub assembly down to fit new wheel bearings, seals and brakes.  In fact, it was my birthday, 21st August !!
The bearings and seals were the easy bit.

All the parts were oredered from a selection of suppliers. Most of the parts that turned up were from a certain, well known, supplier who uses blue packaging.
All was going well, until, having fitted the new brake shoes, I put the drum back on and fitted the drum screws. Result …… the drum was binding.
After much head scratching, strip down, rebuild …. several times. Invited a couple of mates who work on nothing but Landrovers to come and have a look and make sure I wasn’t doing anything daft etc…

Having spent far more time trying, trying and trying again (in fact, it’s a good job I wasn’t paying someone to fit the brakes), I put a couple of posts up on the Lightweight Landrover forums I’m a member of and fairly quickly found out that those blue bags and boxes (from a well known LR aftermarket parts manufacturer/supplier) often contain parts that don’t fit properly.

Being of an engineering background and having a good deal of contact with the fabrication and manufacturing aspects of construction M&E engineering I was not about to give in and do what a lot of other people had done and just throw the poorly fitting parts in the bin and buy something else.

If a manufacturer is supplying poorly fitting parts but isn’t told about it, then they don’t know they need to do something about it. So I have spent a lot of time detailing the faults  in the way of photographs, measurements and descriptions.

During the discussions on the LR forums (forii ?) I was pointed in the direction of another brakes parts manufacturer whose brake shoes fit properly. I was also warned off of wheel and master cylinders from the blue box/bag supplier due to seal failures and leaks.

Having bought a set of Mintex brake shoes, these were found to fit perfectly. No binding, and in new condition, needing only a few clicks of the adjuster to get the basic setting correct.

So, I have now bought all new Mintex shoes, springs etc, together with OEM Lucas wheel and master cylinders.  In this case, it’s very much a case of “You get what you pay for” and I’m now convinced, the only way forward for anything that has a need for accurate engineering and manufacturing tolerances is to buy geniune, or equivalent.

So, the good news; today ……….. I finished building the OSF hub and brake assembly without any drama ……… something that should have happened weeks ago!!!  And ….. got the NSF stripped in prep for the rebuild.

A slight hicup with the NSF – the swivel sphere is slightly corroded.  It could probably be reused, but since this truck is being built to do a variety of charity 4×4 on and off road challenge events, I’m not going to take any chances …. new (or good, showing no signs of wear, second hand) will be fitted … yet another slight hold up in the rebuild, but hey, ho …. we’re getting there now.

Anyway, a picture of the complete OSF hub etc… :


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  1. I feel your pain! Been there and done that with Britpart shoes. Fitted mintex on ours and had no problems. Once they bed in and are re-adjusted the braking is awesome too.

    Must say that I used Britpart for the Drums themselves and the hubs and drive flanges and they were all superb quality so it seems the problem with them is inconsistency.

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