Yet to come

A bit of a list of things to come ….

  1. Strip out rear bearings and brakes and rebuild with new parts.
  2. Strip out master cylinder and servo and fit new
  3. Strip out brake lines and hoses and fit new, including Goodrich braided hoses.
  4. All new ball joints – track rod and steering, both ends.
  5. Fit new bulkhead vent panel and refit windscreen, doors etc…  Some repainting and protective treatment will be part of this.
  6. Fit new tub floor and make good rubbing strips and lashing points
  7. Rocky Mountain parabolics and Pro Comp shocks, complete with all new suspension (poly) bushes.
  8. 24v dizzy, leads and plugs – got most of the other stuff needed for converting back to 24v
  9. NS fuel tank, change over valve, switches and pipes.
  10. General paint touch up (NATO green and disruptive black (for now!!)

One comment

  1. LOL, it makes it sound so simple when written in a list like that but my wife and I were smiling as we read that because it is almost identical to the list we had for our 109″ last year and things like ‘strip brakes’ or ‘fit parabolics’ turned into major renovations in their own right……I’ll never forget the 5 hours it took to remove one solitary suspension bush and my wife will never forget the swearing that accompanied the process 😉

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