Monthly Archives: March 2013

Welding done

Spent some time today getting the 4 bits of welding done. Small section of the previosly fitted rear cross member, just small bit to finish closing up one of the top splits. What started as a small hole on the underside of the nearside front chassis just behind the front axle, turned into this: This […]

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Reality check.

After Easter I have 20 days (10 weekends) to finish and have it MOT’d and reliabilty tested for it to be ready for the Help for Heroes 4×4 European Rally. So assuming that I would idealy like a month of use before the start that 10 weekends reduces to 6 (12 working days) !!!!

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Back to it at last

Well, after too long away from doing stuff to the lightweight, some of this weekend was spent getting the wheel bearings, seals and brakes on each corner finished off. All that’s left to do for the brakes is to fit the new servo and master cylinder and make up all the copper pipework, then fill […]

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