Back to it at last

Well, after too long away from doing stuff to the lightweight, some of this weekend was spent getting the wheel bearings, seals and brakes on each corner finished off.

All that’s left to do for the brakes is to fit the new servo and master cylinder and make up all the copper pipework, then fill and bleed. Hopefully a good day on it next weekend should see the brakes finished.

Also replaced all the ball joints. What a pig one or two of them were to get unscrewed out of the steering tubes. Still, job done.

One job left to do on the wheel bearings is to set the endfloat properly. Also ready now to refill the axles and front hubs.

Last job before washing up was for James to get the floor and transmission tunnel out, ready for when we take the transfer and gearboxes out to fit new seals and a new clutch.



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