Welding done

Spent some time today getting the 4 bits of welding done.

Small section of the previosly fitted rear cross member, just small bit to finish closing up one of the top splits.

What started as a small hole on the underside of the nearside front chassis just behind the front axle, turned into this:


This was then plated up and ground off smooth, almost invisible. (Forgot to take a ‘photo!!)

Next was a reweld of a previous repair on the same front chassis leg, but in front of the axle. Looked a bit like something left behind by a cross between a pidgeon and a hedgehog!!
Welded up and ground off smooth:


Last bit to do was a small hole in the front offside outrigger. Yup, you guessed it, more to it than met the eye, ofcourse. Once all the rot was cut out, this was the result.


As is often the case, the heat of the welding found some more weakness in the metal and I ended up with another hole in the outrigger, just above the plate welded to the underside of it. So, cut out some more iron oxide and made anther plate to weld into the front face of the outrigger. Really, the outrigger should be replaced, but with time frame I have to get the truck back on the road in time for the Help for Heroes 4×4 European Rally, making do with the repaired version will do for now, and a note made for future replacement.

The finished outrigger:


One comment

  1. Good work. I’d love to be able to weld but it is one of the things (like plastering) that escapes me 🙂

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