At rest – patiently waiting

Picture from 21st Dec 2013. Sat in the workshop patiently waiting for more work to be done. Unfortunatley, the pressures of work, and keeping 2 other 4x4s on the road meant the poor old ightweight had to take a back seat for a while.

My main 4×4,the L200, was in need of a fair bit of work to prep it for the 2014 Macmillan 4×4 UK Challenge and Help for Heroes 4×4 European Rally.
We were hoping to use the ligtweight for both these events, but time just has not been good. Plus, for the H4H rally, we needed a 4 seat truck as our kids, James and Emma were taking part again.

This, plus a load of other stuff going on in our lives, meant it was going to be the late summer before we can get back to work on the lightweight.

But, I did come to a big discision. I want this truck to be reliable and long lasting. So, during the Autumn of 2013, I decided that a full restoration would be carried out, rather than do just enough to get it back on the road, only to be for ever going back to it to do another bit of welding, change this, change that, just because we cut a few corners and “made do”.

Watch this space ……. today the work restarted.

At rest, patiently waiting ...

At rest, patiently waiting …

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