Back to work – restart on the lightweight

Well, after far too long, work has restarted.

Having returned from our excellent 2 week trip to Scotland with the Barker family and with James off school for the summer holiday, he made a start earlier in the week getting the truck ready for work to restart.

The poor old thing had been sat in a corner of the workshop, getting stuff piled on and in it for far too long. So he spent a while clearing things away and getting it out from its corner into the middle of the workshop and onto the ramps.
He then spent some time getting the seat box and rear tub panels partly ready to strip off. After numerous sheared bolts, skinned knuckles and blood sweat and tears, he had made a really good go of it.

Today, we had some work to do on the L200, but once that was done, we set about getting the seat box out and the rear tub off.

Really happy with the condition of the chassis and all the ali panels. The seat box will need a bit of work, but I don’t think the chassis is going to need much. But, then, those who have said that and then set about cleaning a chassis up with a wire cup brush in an angle grinder will know how this can all change, very quickly … we’ll see.

Copy of IMG_6244

Copy of IMG_6243

Copy of IMG_6242

Copy of IMG_6245

Copy of IMG_6246

Copy of IMG_6249

Copy of IMG_6248


  1. Best wishes for the rebuild. It is very difficult to find the time to work on them when you have family, day jobs and your daily drivers to maintain too and all with limited finances to fund it all. I find it very frustrating sometimes when I can’t make any progress on the hobby vehicles because something else crops up that consumes the time and money. I’ve learnt to break things down and treat an assembly as a mini project so that you get to feel the joy of completing a ‘project’ which keeps spirits up over the years.

    1. Yes, it cam be hard keeping focused when there’s so many other things to deal with. I tend to set a target for a day’s work and try to stick to it. But then some things take a lot longer than you think, no matter how much experience you have. Who would believe a seat box could take nearly two hours to take out!!! It’s been out before and no two fixings the same when it was refitted!!

      1. “Who would believe a seat box could take nearly two hours to take out”

        I can believe it as I’ve had similar before. 🙂

        Currently I’m trying to strip the paint off an old bonnet. I thought it would take an hour using a bit of paint stripper, two weeks later and about 20 coats of stripper (2 ltr of Nitromors) and it is only just getting to bare metal. I must have spent a good 6-8 hours on it so far in between other commitments. By the time it is painted it will be something like 20+ hours for just one panel. 😦

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