Start of stripping the front end

So today I got some time to do some more to the lightweight.

First things first, the workshop was a tip after a lot of other work going on and little time to tidy up, so I spent half the day putting tools away, clearing rubbish and running a trip to the weighbridge with a trailer full of scrap. Shame – price of scrap has gone down again, so we didn’t get as much as I thought we would, but at least there’s some room cleared and a bit of cash generated.

Back to the work on the lightweight.

Time now to look at getting the front end stripped down. I decided to strip from the outside inwards and take the wings off first.
This meant disconnecting and stripping out the wiring loom to the lights, undoing all the P clips for the wiring, including the aerial cabling (it’s and FFR), removing the windscreen washer bottle, the air filter box and struggling with bolts that have been in place since 1976.

To get the wiring loom out meant pulling it back through the front panel from the nearside to the offside. At the same time, I decided to start on the front panel and took the oil cooler out.

A few shots from today:














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