Front end strip down …. cont’d

Good day today, with help from James, our 15 year old son.

We got stuck into stripping the rest of the front end down. Front panel, offside wing, radiator and just kept going, until the engine bay was stripped, engine out, wiring looms out, pedal boxes out and bulkhead off.

Surprised by the lack of sheared bolts, most came out with a bit of effort, but one or two had to be cut out, but not as many as I thought.

Body panels will be stripped of paint and treated to new. Engine runs sweet as a nut, so will get a clean down and a new coat of paint.
Bulkhead will be sand blasted, repaired and new paint. Chassis will be sand blasted and then, depending on how much corrosion is removed, decide if it’s going to be repaired and galvanised, or replaced.

The wiring loom is the big decision.
Am I going to keep the truck 24v, or convert to 12v ???
Either way a new wiring loom is probably needed. The insulation and loom wrapping is in a very poor condition, not to mention many of the connectors suffering from a lot of corrosion.
I could spend the time and strip the loom completely and rebuild it. I have the correct wiring diagrams, so rebuilding would be straight forward, although time-consuming.
Part of me wants to keep the truck 24v and maintain originality, but part of me thinks 12v might be easier to maintain long-term and would more easily allow for a possible change to a diesel (200 TDI ??) at some point in the future, if I decide the 2 1/4 petrol isn’t for me and the use I plan to put the truck to.
Having said that, if I get a new 24v loom, a conversion to 12v would be easy anyway, so a new 24v loom is probably the way forward ….. there, decision made !!!

A few pics along the way:























  1. Great progress pn the lightweight but what is going on with the L200 I see beside it? I had two L200’s, nice trucks and I miss them. My current Mazda B2500 while reliable is not as nice to drive, not as powerful and not as many luxuries.

    1. The L200 beside it has been broken for spares. Got it with a snapped crank and a rotten chassis. Most of the spares off it have been sold through the L200 Owners Club and all monies donated to either Macmillan or Help for Heroes – the two charities I take part in 4×4 challenges raising money for in my own L200.

  2. Ah thank you and well done on your Charity work!

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