Chassis, the final strip, this time!

So last week, the steering relay remained sufficiently stubborn, as did a couple spring hanger bushes.

Not so today. With the chassis turned over, suitably large impact driving got the steering relay out.



Then came the turn of the remaining spring hanger bushes. A combination of tools, a recip saw and sharp chisel.

One was particularly stubborn but was also in a section of chassis that is a bit tender, resulting in the need for a quick (read: bodge it and scarper) weld repair to hold the tube in the chassis. Some careful measurements were taken from the other side to ensure the tube was fixed in the geometrically correct position. This will get properly repaired once the chassis has been shot blasted.



With the last parts removed from the chassis, it was loaded onto the trailer ready to go for shot blasting. Unfortunately, I’m going to be away for the next couple of weekends and with working away from home during the week, won’t have chance to take it to the blasters, but some good friends of mine, across the yard from my unit, who run West Wallasey 4×4, have keys to my place and will see if they can take it sometime in the next couple of weeks while I’m away.
So, the next time I see it, it may well be bare metal and showing all it’s repair needs.



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