Shotblasted chassis and bulkhead.

While I was away working this week, the chassis and bulkhead were shot blasted and returned to my workshop, so on the way home this afternoon, I called in to have a look.

Pleasantly surprised. The chassis needs a bit more than I thought, but nowhere near as bad as it could have been and the bulkhead is actually better than I was expecting.

So ……….. guess what I’ll be doing this weekend.

Plan is to get all the welding done on the chassis and bullhead over the next couple of weekends and get them galvanised at the end of the month.
Considering I work away from home during the week, I don’t think progress is too bad at the moment.

There’s still a few bits and pieces to buy for it, most expensive being the suspension. New springs and dampers. But, that’s easy, one stop shop at Rocky Mountain. The brakes, steering etc… have already been rebuilt, so as far as the axles are concerned, all that’s needed is a clean off and a coat of paint.

So, by Xmas, the plan is to have it back as a rolling chassis.

Watch this space, (excuse the mess at the side of the workshop, tidy up time this weekend too….







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