Cleaning and some more welding

This weekend didn’t see as much welding done as I intended, but we did get a few of the panels and tub cleaned up.

Jet washing the tub got some of the old blue paint off that had obviously been put on in with no prep at all. The power of the jet wash just stripped most of the paint straight off. Other bits cleaned were the wings and seat box along with some of the smaller brackets etc…

Welding done was limited to the underside of the front nearside chassis and a couple of smaller hole that just needed filling. Also started looking at what’s needed for the repair and strengthening of the front nearside rear spring hanger area of the chassis and decided the best way is to add some thicker steel to the inner and out faces of the chassis to ensure the bush tube is strongly held in the right place. I did consider cutting the sides of the chassis out altogether, but, in the end, came to the conclusion that adding material is probably the best way.








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