Bulkhead and front spring rear hanger

Been a few weeks since I last posted anything so this is a back dated post for some work done a couple of weeks ago.

James set to and started the laborious task of drilling out spot welds on the bulkhead to remove the foot wells and end panels. A couple hours later he had the drivers side end panel and foot well removed.




The inner panel of the drivers side was somewhat out of shape, so we spent a bit of time with a hammer and a block of wood knocking it back into shape.

While James was busy with the bulkhead, I got on with some fairly major work on the passenger side front spring rear hanger bush tush tube area. That’s the advantage of getting the chassis shot blasted. It really did show up the areas that need attention. The resulting holes that had to be cut in the chassis to remove the rotten metal and cut back to good solid steel meant that the spring hanger bush tube had to be cut out.

Obviously, the position of this tube is very important, so lots of measurements were taken to be absolutely sure that I know exactly where it should be. Once the chassis has been repaired, I’ll be able to put a new tube back in the chassis in exactly the right place, thus ensuring the correct axel position is retained and therefore the suspension geometry isn’t altered.

While taking the measurements on the near side, I decided to take measurements of the drivers side for comparison. I wish I hadn’t! It turned out that there’s 5mm of difference between the near and off sides. I suppose that’s the level of accuracy that was good enough back in the 70s, which surprised me a bit. When the new tube is installed in the repaired area, I’m going to position it using dimensions averaged from those measured on both sides, therefore ending up with, hopefully, slightly better accuracy.








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