Monthly Archives: December 2014

Rear crossmember and bump stop plates

Here are the photos from last weekend’s work on the rear crossmember bracing and bump stop plates that I didn’t take at the time. You can also see in them the welds from where the crossmember has been changed by a previous owner, but I had previously had to finish the welding properly and tidy […]

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More chassis work and bulkhead repair panels

Not so good with the camera today, but quite a bit done. James made some new bump stop plates and I welded them in place. While he was making them, I made up the correct rear cross member braces and welded them in too. Unfortunately no pics of either of these jobs, but they’ll follow. […]

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Spring hanger, rear bump stops and back axle

So, today we got some more work done. First off, I finished off the plating of the chassis for the nearside front spring rear hanger bush tube. Just need to get a new piece of tube and fit it. I then moved on to the rear axle bump stops plates. It’s surprising how much rot […]

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