Spring hanger, rear bump stops and back axle

So, today we got some more work done.

First off, I finished off the plating of the chassis for the nearside front spring rear hanger bush tube. Just need to get a new piece of tube and fit it.

I then moved on to the rear axle bump stops plates.



It’s surprising how much rot can be hidden behind things. One the plates were removed, the full extent of the corrosion became evident.



So, out came the mini disc cutter again, and all the rotten metal removed and new welded in.




While I was doing the welding, James measured up and made the necessary replacement plates for me to weld in and spent some time drilling out the spot weld holes on the bulkhead ready for fitting and welding in the new drivers side foot well.

He also made a start on cleaning up the rear axle. You’ll see in some earlier posts that all the mechanical work has already been done on the axles, so all they need is cleaning off and a coat or three or paint.


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