More chassis work and bulkhead repair panels

Not so good with the camera today, but quite a bit done.

James made some new bump stop plates and I welded them in place. While he was making them, I made up the correct rear cross member braces and welded them in too.

Unfortunately no pics of either of these jobs, but they’ll follow.
I do have a borrowed picture, taken from the Lightweight Club site, showing how the rear cross member braces should be. Courtesy, as noted on the photo, of “Fulltilt”.


We also spent some time looking at what to do about the bent and pitted drivers side bulkhead door pillar.
In the end we came to the conclusion that it’s only a section of channel, 2″ x 1 1/4″ x 3/16″, so …… lets make a repair piece.

First photo is of the piece of 2.5mm plate cut to size and marked out for bending. As you can see, the original pillar is not good, suffering a bend and some corrosion pitting. Judging by the shape and the damage to the hinge panel, we think the truck had been involved in a slight accident some time in it’s life. All hidden under some poorly applied filler.


The second photo is of the repair section folded into shape and ready to fit.
Fitting will entail taking lots of measurements to ensure the cut pillar is repaired to the correct dimensions and using straight edge to make sure everything lines up.


There was a discussion on the Lightweight Club’s Facebook page last night about footwell replacement repair panels, so I took a pic of both footwells and end panels that I’ve bought, to show how well made and how good a replication they are. Posted here now for interest. Having already cut out the drivers footwell, we gave already tried the replacement in situ and can confirm it is a perfect fit and true replication.


Lastly, a couple of pics taken first thing this morning, just to show overal progress.




  1. Excellent progress, chassis is looking great now.

  2. Thanks, getting there now. Just got the out riggers to do now. Got the bulkhead ones a while ago, but need the bulkhead refitted to make sure they line up. Decided last weekend that 3 out of the 4 fuel tank ones may as well get replaced as repiared. They’re only £20 each, so not worth messing about repairing, it’ll be quicker and easier just to change them.

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